Yonatan Horowitz

SoftRide’s CEO, led Innoviz’s Autonomous Mobility Group and was responsible for Innoviz’s strategy. Before Innoviz, Yonatan worked for McKinsey, the leading global consulting firm, where he conducted various operational excellence projects around the globe. Prior to Innoviz, Yonatan worked as an Advisor to Israel’s Minister of Science and served in IDF’s Technological Unit of the Intelligence Corps (81).

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Edo Reshef

SoftRide’s CTO, led Innoviz’s SLAM and advanced algorithm Group and reported directly to Innoviz’s CTO. Before Innoviz, Edo founded Alcon Software Design House, where he managed teams of software engineers and programmers. During his time at Alcon, his teams developed core-technology, including real-time computing and computer vision for leading technological companies in Israel.

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